Wednesday, July 11, 2012

follow the sun

I've added a new series to my popular Modular Art project:

follow the sun, oil on canvas. ©2012 Kristina Wentzell
The happiest of all the flowers--sunflowers! 

Entitled Follow the Sun,  with a vibrant background palette of rose, cream & purples--these sunflower paintings are so cheerful. My studio is ablaze with color (even more than usual! :-)

These paintings are designed to coordinate together and can be hung in horizontal or vertical groupings or as a single painting. 

Go here to read more about Modular Art.

follow the sun, oil on canvas.  ©2012 Kristina Wentzell

follow the sun, oil on canvas. ©2012 Kristina Wentzell


Heather M. said...

Hi--loving the strong color palette! Feels like They've been chasing the sun all day and now they are hanging onto sunset-so vibrant!

Frances Clements Fawcett said...

Hi Kristina,
Wowie - I'm just returning to the internet after a 3 week hiatus. Your sunflower series makes my heart sing. Beautiful! Were these created in time for your studio tour last weekend?
xo Frances

Kristina Wentzell said...

thanks, Heather & Frances! My studio is chock full of sunflowers right now (waiting to go to my next show) and it is so happy in here! And yes, they were ready for my open studio last week. A little preview for folks before they go on the road tour. :-)