Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SERIES FEATURE: sunflowers

Come with me into the field of sunflowers starts the wonderful poem by Mary Oliver. 

 Listen here to Oliver giving a reading of her poem.

I've driven coast to coast many times--back when my sweetheart and I were driving West for him to attend graduate school and most recently on my family's summer adventure. One of the most striking memories from these travels is the fields of sunflowers we've come across--usually somewhere in the heartland--acres and acres and thousands and thousands of sunflowers, all with their faces turned in unison towards the sun.  I like to think the farmer who grows that crop is a little happier than the average guy.

And why not? Sunflowers are a ridiculously happy blossom--one that always brings happiness to my studio. Here is a selection of my sunflower creations from the last several years.  Click here to view available paintings.

facing the sun, oil on canvas, 20x60 inches. ©2013 Kristina Wentzell

sunflowers, 20x60 inches, oil on canvas. ©2012 Kristina Wentzell

summer bouquet, acrylic & collage, 8x8 inches. ©2012 Kristina Wentzell

sunflowers in a glass vase, 8x8 inches, oil on canvas.  ©2010 Kristina Wentzell

facing the sun, triptych 40x60 inches. ©2012 Kristina Wentzell

Commission: August's sunflowers, oil on canvas, triptych 48x72 inches. ©2011 Kristina Wentzell
bud, oil on canvas, 8x8 inches. ©2010 Kristina Wentzell

sunflowers in a cream pitcher, oil on canvas, 8x8 inches. ©2011 Kristina Wentzell

sunflowers in tall vase, oil on canvas, 12x6 inches. ©2011 Kristina Wentzell

sunflowers is a green vase, oil on canvas, 8x10 inches. ©2011 Kristina Wentzell

Go here to view available paintings


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