Monday, September 9, 2013


Ever wonder how a painting comes together? 

If you follow my facebook page, you'll know that I occasionally post snapshots of paintings in progress with little snippets about my techniques. These posts are always a big hit and so I've been secretly photographing progressions all year to start a new feature on my blog.

Starting today, every Monday I'll post a new painting--and you can watch it come to life.  Find them all by clicking on the "progressions" label on the right hand column of this page.

To start things off, I present "facing the sun", a huge 20x60 inch sunflower creation.  I always start my paintings with an undercoating of magenta or cadmium orange. It takes away the white of the canvas (and a bit of that hesitation to mar a lovely, pristine surface) and gives dimension and sparkle to the finished piece.

facing the sun, oil on canvas, 20x60 inches. ©2013Kristina Wentzell

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Beth Carter said...

Beautiful! I am doing a sunflower project with my little 1st graders. I love to show them LIVING Artist's work. You are so talented! Thank you for sharing.

Kristina Wentzell said...

thanks, Beth! What a great project for your little charges. I love making art with that age group--they are so fearless.