Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to take a painting for a test drive

Do you have a space to fill but are unsure what kind of art you want?  

Now you can take one of my paintings for a virtual test drive before you purchase.

Send me a photo of your space--brightly lit and straight on if you can--and I will digitally add my art to your photo. Let me know what colors or paintings you are interested in. As a visual person myself, I can appreciate how much easier it is to see the art actually in your space.  Enjoy!

Contact me for more info.



Wendy Malowany said...
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Wendy Malowany said...

I love how you show your artwork to scale and in your virtual rooms! What program or site do you use to add your images and find the virtual walls with space to add your artwork? Thanks!

Kristina Wentzell said...

thanks, Wendy! I create the images myself using Photoshop.