Thursday, December 13, 2012

Twelve Paintings for 12/12/12

Yesterday in honor of the date 12/12/12, in a fit of craziness inspiration, I decided to attempt 12 (yes TWELVE) paintings in one day.  These twelve paintings would wrap up my 100 Paintings for $100 or Less project and it seemed fitting.

your truly in my studio at the beginning of the day

I started at about 8am and was off to a good start, getting all the paintings sketched out on canvas and the underpaintings done by mid morning.  Then I hit a couple of roadblocks--I had to pick up a sick kiddo from school, chase down a runaway chicken, and a couple of other unexpected emergencies.  By about 7pm I was about done in--but I soldiered on and finished by about 9pm. (both kiddo and chicken are reported as fine today)

The end result is a trio of songbirds, a wintery owl, some cupcake confections (very fun!), four forest scenes with lovely violet shadows and my favorite--a landscape with a field of purple lupines.

There is still time to get a painting for Christmas. Go HERE to see what is available.

If you want to see the paintings in person, they are on display in the Happy Camper Mobile Art Gallery in Keene, NH though December 25th.

sketching out compostions


my kitty helpers


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Wish I thought of it. My day went like yours; on course until issue 1 and 2 from kids end. (They take care of the chickens) Still striving to get workshop and studio up. You are a great motivator! Happy Holidays of all sorts

Frances said...

Hi Kristina - yes I agree with Ruth - you're an inspiration! I love seeing your paintings spring to light and life - it's nice to witness your process.

Happy Holidays!

; )

Kristina Wentzell said...

thanks Ruth & Frances--it was a loooong day of painting but it felt great to make my goal AND finish the 100 paintings.


Levonne said...

Hi Kristina. I am inspired by your creativity and industry! Are you able to make a living from your art? I am establishing myself as an artist currently and am a fulltime RVer.