Tuesday, December 18, 2012

26 acts of Kindness

In honor of the 26 victims at the Sandy Hook School, my family is doing 26 acts of kindness.  Starting today, and through the holiday break I, along with my husband and children (ages 10 and 13) will look for small acts of kindness that we can do like writing letters to soldiers and far away friends and family, giving away some of our backyard chicken eggs, shoveling snow for neighbors (if it ever snows) and whatever else that comes along.

Act #2  I will be giving away one of my paintings from the 100 painting collection.  If you would like a painting, please leave a comment with some kindness act ideas of your own.  I will choose a winner at random at the end of the day on Friday, December 21, 2012.

Read more about 26 acts of Kindness.

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Rochelle said...

Hi Kristina, what a beautiful idea. I practice acts of kindness all the time, and it's sad how few others I see going out of their way to do them too. That said, I know how many MORE people do this these days, and your post should be counted as one of the 26, as it will produce and inspire far more acts as far as your newsletter, blog and FB post reaches!

Mine first one will be to repost your post about this on my Facebook page, and on my blogs and tweet it, to help continue your impulse to do good and to inspire others to do so. In rereading your post I see this is not my bright idea but your suggestion. :)

Yesterday, I saw a woman sitting in a wheelchair, inching across the road that went up a hill. I jumped out of the car and left the door ajar, thinking I'd just push her past traffic to the other side, but then realized she was going to have to go quite a ways down then up a very steep incline to McDonalds for breakfast. She was a large woman and I don't know how she'd do it. So while she never turned around and saw my face, I chatted cheerily with her and pushed her all the way to the top. She offered to buy me breakfast but I had left my car running and the door ajar so scooted back after handing her over to someone who was holding the door open for her.

I also go out of my way to tell much older women that I like their coat, scarf, lipstick or christmas pin, and enjoy the little conversations that ensue. One of the things about getting old is that you become invisible. To have someone chat with you about something while out doing errands, especially if it's something that person admires on them, I thin boosts spirits - the interaction as much as the compliment.

I will continue to do all these things and more and not stop at 26, but because of this I will look for any opportunity to do more, leaving cards on windshields with $10 inside telling people the purpose and asking them to use that $10 to do something good for others. I think acts like that, done to raise awareness and encourage others will be what I'll look to add.

Rochelle said...

Here is the link to the post on my Gift Blog and it;s on FB. Next to Tweet.

Kristina Wentzell said...

Hi Rochelle,

Thanks for your note and the kind words. I was cheered by your story of the woman in the wheelchair and also of speaking kindly to older women. I couldn't agree more!

all my best,