Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to make origami holiday lights

Continuing in my how-to theme of magical holiday decorations: I present origami holiday lights. 

These are so lovely on a tree (or really anywhere for that matter--I had them strung in my studio year round for a long time). They are a huge family favorite at our house.  We even gave them as gifts one year and made them assembly line style with kids and grown ups folding away.  Once you get the hang of the folding process, it will go quickly. We got it down to folding a box in about a minute.

Origami Holiday Lights

You will need:

origami paper- the pastels prints look the best. Here is a good source.

string of mini-white lights - we have a string of 100-lights on our tree. You might want to do less if you are making them as gifts

You will need the pattern for the origami water balloon or water bomb.  This page has very clear directions.

Fold your papers in the water balloon shape--blow them up per instructions and insert each balloon over a white light (there is a small hole that will fit over the light).  You might find it easier to put the white lights on the tree and then put the balloons over the lights. If they get squashed, just blow them up again and smooth out the creases. We've had ours for 6 years or more and they're still going.

What holiday decorations are a favorite at your house?


Frances said...

Hi Kristina - I popped in (late) tonight to see what you're up to! I had forgotten how to create these beautiful lights - thanks for the visual magic of your tree and lights PLUS the link to instructions.

As we wait for the light's return during the darkest week of the year.these cheery beacons will keep things festive and bright.

Cheers from Yes and Yay HQ, FcF

Kristina Wentzell said...

Hi Frances,

Thanks for stopping by! These really are so beautiful, especially this darkest time of year.

Wishing you a happy Yule!