Friday, June 22, 2012

anatomy of an outdoor art & garden show

Art under the Birches, an outdoor fine art & garden show was a roaring success.

The weather was brilliant and we had so many folks who stopped by anxious to get a peek into the gardens and to see all the artwork on display (and of course meet "the girls").  Thank you to everyone who came!

I was thrilled to be joined this year by my talented friends Caryn King & Luann Udell and my mum too!

Without further ado, I present an anatomy of an art & garden show:

Flowers, art & a vintage repurposed dresser lead the way into the back gardens...

Garden Glimmers: upcycled vintage glass garden ornaments were a big hit! I was hoping my mum would "forget" to take them all home-- they look fantastic in my gardens.

Whimsical metal garden sculptures by Bob Taylor. Loved the rooster!

The back veggie gardens needed a splash of color.

My booth--dusted it off for the first outdoor show of the season.

My daugher kept us well supplied with homemade baked goods.

Paintings by Caryn King

Poppies, bachelor buttons & our chicken cottage...

And of course "The Girls"...who were the stars of the show: Daffodil, Marigold, Buttercup, Edith, Esther & Minnie Pearl.

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Looks Beautiful!