Tuesday, October 29, 2013

a HALLOWEEN painting progression: the scream

I decided to follow up last year's Girl with a Pearl Earring costume with Munch's the Scream. Of course, this requires the user to have their face perpetually forced into full-on-open-mouth screaming posture--but it's all in the name of Halloween. Right?

Read on below for how to make this a two person costume and some other amazing art-themed Halloween ideas.

Start by finding a large size picture frame--large enough to cover your head and upper body (not too big though--you'll have to carry it around all night). Cut a piece of cardboard or heavy poster board to fit. Paint or gesso it white.

Using the Munch's the Scream as reference, draw in the basic composition.

paint in the sky

the dark outlines

Carefully cut out the face shape with an x-acto knife. Attach inside frame.

viola---(thanks to dear husband for modeling)

And for a two person costume---I present the Art Heist:

Check out this amazing rendition of Klimt's "the kiss" and a Roy Lichtenstein painting come to life (with tutorial).

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Suzanne said...

Very Funny! Thanks!