Sunday, March 9, 2008

oh how I wish I was back in WA ~ daily painting

I spent 4 months in Western Australia in 2006 with my family...what an amazing place that is. So vast, so wild. This painting was from a photo my husband took in the central desert region. People throw around the term "middle of nowhere" quite freely but this place literally fits the description. Hundreds of miles from anything...just desert and the unbelievably vast sky.

Here I've blocked in the shadows and started on the sky.
I painted the canvas pink to start, hoping a bit will show
through and give it a glow.

the sky is finished....I just love this time of the evening.

"Bush Campsite"
24 x 30 inches
oil on canvas
private collection


Cindy said...

Beautiful sky! This looks so very wild and remote with the car being the only link to humankind. What a trip of treasured memories.

Anonymous said...

Great I adore the sky! You've really captured the beauty of that wonderful time of day.. Austraila must have been glorious!

Mary Ann