Saturday, June 8, 2013

series feature: peonies...glorious peonies!

Ah...peonies! That most luscious, glorious of flower.

My first experience of peonies was as a little girl--every summer we would travel from New Hampshire to the north woods of Maine to visit my grandparents. My grandfather, a tough, hard working woodsmen, had a soft spot for flowers and had one of the most beautiful gardens in town. The garden was highlighted by a massive hedge of peonies in the back--I would stroll through the garden and bury my face in the huge blossoms in garnet, pale pink, drinking in their heavenly scent.

I've been hooked on them ever since and love to gather them by the armload to fill my home every spring--and of course to paint!

peonies in a glass vase, oil on canvas, 20x16 inches. ©2012 Kristina Wentzell

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To purchase peony originals visit my website.

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