Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a scene from Maine

Kristina Wentzell, Bigelow over Flagstaff Lake, oil on canvas, 12 x 16 inches. ©2011

Here is a new piece I painted recently as a gift for some family members. A scene from Maine--a place always very near and dear to me.

Bigelow Mountain sits in the lovely north western region of Maine. My now husband and I hiked it when we were first dating on a crisp Autumn day. Afterwards, I brought him to meet my grandparents who lived in nearby Rangeley. At the time my grandfather, then in his late 80s, was the sole caregiver for my ailing grandmother. We stopped in for lunch on our way back through town and were welcomed with a huge spread of roast chicken, potatoes, gravy and vegetables. No little sandwich to meet their granddaughter and her new fella.

We've hiked the mountain a couple of time since then but still when I think of that beautiful vista it always make me think of that cozy afternoon spent in my grandparents' kitchen.

my grandfather, about 8 years later with our daughter, his first great-grandchild

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Bettina said...

Beautiful painting and the story makes it richer and gives it even more texture. Thanks for sharing that story.