Friday, September 11, 2009

a fine day

"a fine day"
oil on canvas ~ 24 x 30 inches

We've been on the move a lot since arriving in New Hampshire...we do love to explore a new place.

So, lots of canoe trips, country drives, hikes and checking out all the local ice cream joints has been on the agenda. A month or so ago, we happened upon this place, Pitcher Mountain...and what a find it was.

A short hike up to a treeless summit with 360 degree views, fire tower, granite outcroppings and blueberries galore. I was in heaven... berry pickin' being one of my most favorite activities (which has thankfully been passed down to my two little charges). We even found the, let's just say "evidence" of quite a few bears up there who were obviously enjoying the berries as much as we. It felt like we were living right out of Blueberries for Sal... except, thankfully all human and bear little ones stayed with their proper parents.

plink. plank. plunk.


Anita Stoll said...

Beautiful work. I like your style.

kateri said...

wow...just gorgeous...and the Monadnock paintings, too! All of them!