Monday, September 22, 2008

daily painting ~ pets!

oil on canvas ~ 12 x 12 inches

I am a big animal lover. I grew up with lots of cats and dogs in the house and can't imagine a life without them. My hubby is a cat our house is a feline haven. This past Christmas we lost one, our beloved Bear...who was just the sweetest tempered cat. We had him for 14 wonderful years, here's a picture of him with my daughter when she was a baby.

Bear & Sage

After losing Bear, we adopted Milo from a local shelter. And, oh my gosh, he is just a of those rare cats that will let you hold him on his back like a baby doll, and just drape himself in your lap, and gets along with all the other cats. He even turned around Minna, my cranky 11 year old siamese. So, I wanted to do something for this shelter and it turns out they're having an artshow fundraiser. Thing is, the work has to be of pets which is not my thing (so far)...but I've given it a go. This is Sophie, my Mum's soulful eyed cocker spaniel. I have another of Bear that I'll post tomorrow.

the boys: Milo & Punkin (Milo is the gray one)

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Cindy said...

LOVE the Sophie painting!! Very cute!