Wednesday, February 6, 2008

flowers in winter -daily painting

I'm back to painting flowers. It's a bit dreary outside now...the snow has melted and everything is brown. Better to dream about summertime. The bouquet was from my garden and the the "susans" painting is from a photo taken in Rangeley, Maine last summer.

"summer bouquet"
12 x 16 inches ~ oil on canvas

12 x 12 inches ~ oil on canvas


Cindy said...

These are great!
I especially like the shadows of blue in the top painting that are found throughout.
Love the strokes movement in the sky in the bottom painting...very nice!

Terri Wentzell said...

I really like both of them. The pitcher of flowers is just lovely with the light coming through the window and refecting on the pitcher and flowers. The black- eyed susans are nice and loose. Love the colors !!