Thursday, June 25, 2009

fellow artists ~ Cindy Wentzell

I will be away from my easel for a couple weeks while the family makes the big move east to NH. In the meantime, I thought I would feature a few other artists whose work I admire. And where else to start other than my talented family?

Cindy Wentzell is my dear friend and sister-in-law. We met as fellow students at Mass Art many moons ago. Over the years, we've shared many laughs, bottles of wine, and creative ventures. We still get together for our "artist weekends" with a few other Mass Art girls, our husbands take the kiddos and we have a grand time painting together.

Cindy is a talented artist with a keen eye for capturing lovely little glimpses of nature. Her pastel paintings are just gorgeous, with vivid colors and texture. Check out more of Cindy's work at her website.

Cindy Wentzell
"Emerald Shade"