Welcome to the happy place!

I show my work in about a half dozen outdoor art shows every summer.  Time and time again, someone will come into my booth, look around and turn to me announcing “this is the happy booth”.

Creating art is a joyful thing and it is so gratifying to hear people express these sentiments.

This blog is a continuation of my booth - a virtual happy place if you will.
Here you will find a place to:

Along the way, you’ll also find stories about gardening, travels, nature, and whatever happy bits of whimsy I've discovered.

So, welcome, dear reader. Thank you for joining me on this crazy journey of an artist’s life.  I welcome your comments!


Some random things about me:

- I am an artist/wife/mother living in the southwestern corner of New Hampshire tucked under the watchful eye of Mt Monadnock (the 2nd most climbed mountain in the world)

- I paint a LOT--in a dining room converted to art studio smack dab in the middle of a hectic house, with a husband, two little charges, 3 cats, and 6 chickens (well, the chickens stay outside).

- I have a thing about chickens.

- Besides being an artist, I am an avid gardener, birder, foodie, and am on a quest to sample whoopie pies in every corner store I come across in Northern New England.  My favorite so far.


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The Artist's View said...

Hi Kristina. I really LOVE your art, your attitude and your tent setup at fairs. I am a facepainter/artist. I have a little rental studio in Concord, NH, "The Artist's View" was born to me in 2010. My home studio is now mostly storage! It's a train wreck, but with better weather I hope to organize it. I am involved in every medium out there. With mixed media being the rage, I hope to actually used up some of the art supplies I've been hoarding for years! I DO use up some of it teaching beginner's art classes.

I grew up in Alstead, NH and worked at Miranda's Veranda in the square, back in 1980 or so. Got my first parking ticket in Keene! Didn't have a dime for the meter that day.

Just writing to tell you how happy I was to discover your site. (Perusing Pinterest, there you were!) I am inspired by folks like yourself! I am allllmost an empty nester and I feel my time is here and now to get really serious about MY art.
Thanks for sharing your work, studio and thoughts! Food for the soul!
Linda Weiser, Canterbury, NH
www.artistviewNH.com (MY website needs organizing, too! LOL)